Is pollen really toxic? A homeopathic perspective

By Lucy De Pieri PhD, DCH

Logo AcleticaI am sorry to hear that you have allergies to tree pollen (or fir, or fruit trees), but do you really think that pollen is toxic? If it was then wouldn’t everyone be allergic to it? You are the only one in your family that is allergic to pollen, so why is that?

In homeopathy we understand that susceptibility shows how you are affected by the world around you.

In your particular case, you are susceptible to tree pollen, someone else may be susceptible to sea food, or coffee, or noise, or sunlight… we are all very different.

Allergies are symptoms that your Vital Force (or Chi) is out of balance. Allergies are messages, so when you take over the counter medication, you stop the message, but, have you considered reading that message?

Homeopathy takes body, mind and spirit into consideration when treating allergies, or any other ailment. We read that message and it tells us something unique about you.

For example, a young woman was terribly allergic to flowering cherry trees. When I asked her when the allergies started, she burst into tears. Eventually she told me that she broke up with her first boyfriend under a blooming cherry tree. A remedy that addressed her grief healed her allergy.

A young golf player had bad allergies, and he was so concerned because an important tournament was approaching and his allergies to grass were particularly bad that year. He knew that his allergies would affect his game. The most striking aspect of this case was how competitive he was. He worked hard; he wanted to prove to himself at all costs so that he could win. He would get very irritable if he missed a shot. In this case I gave him a different remedy based on his extreme competitiveness and irritability. After the remedy, not only his allergies cleared, but his game also improved as he was able to focus more, and he became less irritable, so his family was happy too.

Homeopathy acknowledges that we are all unique and the way you experience your allergies is unique to you. Homeopathy works on your susceptibility so, in many cases, the allergies won’t come back.

The ultimate goal of homeopathy is to address your health concerns, to improve your overall health, so that once you are healthy you can focus on reaching your full and higher potential and really enjoy life.

Lucy De Pieri PhD, DCH is a classical homeopath with a thriving practice in Port Moody. If you are interested to find out if homeopathy is for you, feel free to visit her website or give her a call (604 307 5967), she will be happy to give you a free 15 minute consultation.