Insight Nutrition Shows You The Benefits of Detoxing this Spring

Contributed by Stacey Waggoner

DetoxDid you know? Regular detoxifying keeps our bodies healthy. In fact, Spring time is the perfect time for a detox!

Detoxing can be very simple, effective and is easily incorporated into your health care regime. Think of “nourishing” your cells instead of starving them.

How it works: by eating very clean, whole foods you are reducing the toxic input allowing your organs to “clean house” and function efficiently.

Detoxing also supports your digestive tract allowing a “resting” period. Your nutritionist can support you in doing a detox program with meal planning, recipes and tips. Whether you choose a 3 day or 14 day regime, the principles are the same:

1. Eat Clean, whole foods
2. Maximize digestion by incorporating smoothies, lemon, apple cider vinegar, greens and herbal teas.
3. Use other methods of detoxification; such as saunas, steam rooms, dry skin brushing and juicing, to give your body a boost.
4. Eat small and frequent portions, drink clean water and choose organic produce for salads, soups and casseroles