Does Your Mind Need A Detox?

By Lee-Ann Duarte, CHt

Mind detoxIn a day and age when many of us are seeking to reduce toxins and pollution in our environment and our body, the mind is often overlooked.

The use of organ language is one way we pollute our minds.

What is organ language?

It’s when someone describes a thought or an emotion by referring to a specific body part or activity. Typically the overall message is negative but these phrases have become so second nature to many of us that we often say them without realizing the message behind them.

Here are some examples:

  • That’s hard to stomach
  • I am sick and tired of that
  • I have a blinding headache
  • This project is killing me
  • What a pain in the neck
  • I can’t shoulder the responsibility
  • I need this like I need a hole in the head
  • I’m a nervous wreck

Just like the use of positive messages and language can improve our mental health, the use of negative messages and language can undermine our mental health.

The constant and repetitive use of organ language establishes physical connection in our subconscious mind between our physical bodies and the emotions or thoughts we are expressing. Over time this connection can become strong and even manifest it’s self through the development of a physical ailment.

So the next time you hear one of these phrases or think about saying one, rephrase it and express what you want to say without connecting it to your body. Both your mind and body will thank you!

“Discover the power of your mind and start transforming yourself today.”